Nov 22, 2012

A Walk Down Nostalgia Lane

Hello, my name is Robert Waterworth. The fantastic folks at Thinnox have bestowed upon me the honor of writing a blog for their website. This offer could not have come at a better time. As I am getting on in my years I've acquired a fair bit of experience and yet I'm still young enough to recall most of it, so I best make some notes while I can still remember it all. All joking aside, being asked to jot down my thoughts and experiences has made me stop and take stock of all the twisty roads my career has taken me.


Nov 22, 2012

First Few Days in The University

It was a mixture of fear and excitement. Things were finally going to change; everyone said that university would be the start of my real life. Was I ready? I'd sure find out. There was a sense of liberation in being able to have a key to my place that no one else had. None of us could get away with carefree and reckless actions anymore. We now had responsibilities and some version of a mission.


Oct 26, 2012

"Reading Material" - Graphic Design

One of the most common questions we get from our students is: "I think that I want to be an (insert job title here), but I'm not sure if I'd like it/I'd be good at it/if I should be considering something else, etc. Can you tell me whether or not I should become (insert job title here)?" Our response: "we have no idea!"


Oct 25, 2012

Daily Inspiration Drop

Here's today's Inspiration Drop.Enjoy!

1. Recycled Skateboard Furniture by Deckstool: I don't skateboard. However, after seeing these pieces I kind of want to take up the sport, just so I can break a skateboard and buy a custom stool.


Oct 24, 2012

Video Game Design (Interview)-STRIDE Career Fair

In preparation for the STRIDE 2012 Career Fair, we will be making several posts highlighting trending careers in the design and technology sectors. Today's post will focus one of the most exciting, dynamic, and popular careers: Video Game Design!


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21st Nov:

  • Claire Coltsmann, accredited Adler certified professional coach administers personal assessment using a version of MBTI.
  • Harpreet Neelam Coordinator for Science and Technology for PDSB inaugurates STRIDE. Be there at 6:00 PM sharp to check out her keynote address. Bring your phones for a phone poll.
  • Justin Dooley et al discuss life in the trenches of a Game Design Studio.
  • Mike Draper et al take you on the START UP roller coaster.
  • Robert Breen from the OIART responds to questions about careers in Sound Technology.
  • Sam Dadhwal applies Zen principles to Career Management.
  • Scott Mcinnes & Jennie Aitken enact an ideal job interview.
  • Susan Burt, Director of the Office of Arts & Culture talks about TED careers in government & bureaucracy.


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