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STRIDE focuses on careers in Design & Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Computer Science & Information Technology, Construction Technology and Manufacturing Technology. Five concurrent sessions focus on key areas of career preparation:

Why get stuck when you can get going? What careers are you suited for? Get exposed to a range of Assessment Tools that help you figure out your best career fit.

Cut the hype - get real. Get a deep dive into careers you dream about. Learn about possibilities ; what are the best schools in a field? what do they need you to do before they would let you in? what's the cost of education in careers you care about? how much do they pay?

How is it like in the trenches? Get up close with industry professionals. Ask them about life in the industry you aspire to? what level do you get to start at? how rapidly can you grow? where do you reach? is it worth it? is it fun?

What kind of a person does your industry want? How you build the brand (your personal brand) so they will buy?

You have hit upon something new! How do Patent your creation? When's the right time to think about start ups? What's involved in starting up?

Are these questions keeping you awake? Get answers , network with professionals, improve self awareness , know the world you want to be part of, and, don't forget to make new friends and try your luck at the raffle.

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21st Nov:

  • Claire Coltsmann, accredited Adler certified professional coach administers personal assessment using a version of MBTI.
  • Harpreet Neelam Coordinator for Science and Technology for PDSB inaugurates STRIDE. Be there at 6:00 PM sharp to check out her keynote address. Bring your phones for a phone poll.
  • Justin Dooley et al discuss life in the trenches of a Game Design Studio.
  • Mike Draper et al take you on the START UP roller coaster.
  • Robert Breen from the OIART responds to questions about careers in Sound Technology.
  • Sam Dadhwal applies Zen principles to Career Management.
  • Scott Mcinnes & Jennie Aitken enact an ideal job interview.
  • Susan Burt, Director of the Office of Arts & Culture talks about TED careers in government & bureaucracy.


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